"Keep our babies safe': Milwaukee churches raise awareness during Strong Baby Sabbath

NOW: “Keep our babies safe’: Milwaukee churches raise awareness during Strong Baby Sabbath

Churches across the City of Milwaukee are preaching to help save babies.

As part of the 8th Annual Strong Baby Sabbath, Hephatha Lutheran Church and Ebenezer Church of God in Christ held special services in hopes of lowering the infant mortality rate.

It's a continuing problem in Milwaukee. 

According to a preliminary report by City of Milwaukee Health Department data shows in 2017, 120 babies born in the city died before their first birthday. The top two causes are premature births and unsafe sleeping habits. The infant mortality rate is even higher for Black and Hispanic babies.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett told church goers how they can prevent those deaths.

"Babies should be sleeping alone, they should be sleeping on their back, they should be sleeping in a crib, they should be sleeping with no smoke first or second-hand smoke nearby."

They also stressed in importance of pregnant women getting medical care. 

Mothers, and those expecting said the message was well received.

"Keep our babies safe. It's so very important. I'm a grandmother of two and I am very involved in my grandchildren's lives so any information that can help is very vulnerable for our kids, cause we are losing babies left and right," Gail Atkins said. 

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