Kalahari Resort is Searching for a Teddy Bear's Family

Kalahari Resort is trying to find the family that left a bear behind at the resort in the Wisconsin Dells.

The resort posted on Facebook photos in an effort to find the family.

“I was last with them in the Wisconsin Brew Pub in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Clearly, I am so very loved,” posted the resort.

In addition, resort employees took the bear to Build a Bear to have its ear repaired. At the store a tag was found.

 “Don’t worry, I’m not scared – I’ve been playing with my new friends Kenya and Kya all day. If you know who or where my family is, please email Kalahari at [email protected] to tell them how we can be together again! Our amazing food and beverage director is off tomorrow and is going to bring it to see. This guy has been pretty "loved" but we're exhausting all efforts,” posted the resort. 

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