K9 Condor Tracks Down a Garage Burglar in New Berlin

A New Berlin K9 unit tracked down an alleged burglar on Monday and had hid inside a motor home 1/3 mile from the scene of the crime.

According to New Berlin Police, officers responded to a Burglary in Progress in the north central part of the City in the early morning hours.

The caller said he was awakened when he heard his garage door open and when he went to investigate, confronted a male subject looking through his garage with a flashlight.

Officers were given a general description and a direction of travel.

K9 Condor arrived on scene and proceeded to take Officers on a 1/3 mile track through the subdivsion's backyards, wooded areas and along the streets.

The track ended at the entrance of a motor home parked in a driveway. Officers located the suspect matching the description inside the vehicle.

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