K-9 Units inspected Juvenile Detention Center for Bed Bugs

A K-9 unit detected, on October 5, the possibility of bed bugs in the Juvenile Justice Center’s Detention Center, according to according to Jeremy Theis, Milwaukee County Facilities Management.

There was one incident of reported bed bugs last Thursday at Vel Phillips Juvenile Justice Center.

With a visual and K-9 inspection, active bed bugs were found in the staff area of the District Attorney’s office in the building. That area was treated on Friday, with heat and spray.

On Monday, there was a second K-9 inspection, for 5 hours, and the dogs detected a soft hit in the detention area. A soft hit means it is possible bed bugs may be there and they were not visually found. To be proactive, that area will be treated tomorrow morning. The Milwaukee County Health Department recommended that another K-9 inspection take place 30 days after treatment. The Center remains open, safe and operable.

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