Justice for Jacob Blake rally held in Kenosha to counter Pres. Trump visit

NOW: Justice for Jacob Blake rally held in Kenosha to counter Pres. Trump visit

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Justice for Jacob Blake celebration took place near 28th Avenue and 40th Street on Tuesday, Sept. 1. The event was held in the same area Blake was shot in the back seven times by Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey on Sunday, Aug. 23. 

Organizers say the demonstration was a show of solidarity against President Donald Trump's visit to the city. 

American Civil Rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson was in attendance. 

Reverend Jesse Jackson said he and his group, The Rainbow Push Coalition, will be filing a lawsuit to deal with the inequities seen within the county of Kenosha to address disparities in health, education, and unemployment.

“Come on with the Blakes,” said Jacob’s uncle, Justin Blake. “We’re going to make some big changes that affect all the little Jakes around this nation.”

It was that message of healing that took place at the same area where a week ago, Jacob Blake was shot.

“Until we get justice for little Jake, which means we get an indictment and a conviction of the man who shot him seven times in the back,” said Justin.

The rally included a number of events and activities like a food drive, a healing circle, voter registration booth as well as food, music, and free haircuts.

“We have got to keep our eyes on the prize,” said Representative Gwen Moore. “The prize is to have just and riotous leadership. We’re not going to be distracted by the president’s desire to bring about chaos in hopes he gets re-elected.”

“We don’t have any words for the orange man,” said Justin. “All I ask is that he keep his foul language as far away from our family as possible. We need a president that’s going to unite our country and take us in a different direction.”

We asked Jackson and Rep. Taylor if they had heard from the president during this visit. They said no.

“If the president comes to us as a leader, with solutions, with unification and not division, my sleeves are already rolled up to join him,” said Taylor. “But if we are his backdrop, I’m not joining his circus.”

We also asked Jacob's uncle what a conversation with the president would be like for him.

“There couldn’t be any good conversation that we would have,” said Justin. “We have to focus on little Jake and let him focus on his agenda.”

The family stated their biggest concern was healing, not only for Kenosha, but for Jacob Blake and his children.

During the event it was also announced that an anonymous donor had given $20,000 which will go towards helping small black owned businesses in Kenosha rebuild.

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