Just about every season in this extended forecast

NOW: Just about every season in this extended forecast

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--You almost need a guide to figure out this forecast.  Actually, I'm your guide.:) On Sunday, expect a pesky onshore flow.  This means a cooler day, mainly highs in the 40s.  But then a warm front begins to lift north into Monday.  The 40s become 60s.  And then 60s turn into 70s on Tuesday.  By later Tuesday into Wednesday, a stronger cold front begins to move into the area from the west.  Scattered storms are possible by later Tuesday afternoon, lingering into much of Wednesday.  Then we get to more seasonable temperatures by the end of the week.

A good way to keep up with all the changes is via our free CBS 58 weather mobile app.  It's very useful with the weather gets rough.  You can also send us weather pictures as well.

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