Jury Goes Home for the Night in Brantner Case

A jury has spent hours trying to determine whether a truck driver is the man responsible for the murder of young Berit Beck more than two decades ago.

No one is calling this a 'hung jury' just yet.

The case is still going on.

The judge is just telling the jury to take more time in their discussion.

These latest developments in the case started just after 2:00 PM.

Judge Gary Sharpe received a note from jurors reading "we cannot agree to guilty or not guilty.”

Less than 20 minutes later, however, the jury sent another note asking to again listen to an audio interview between Brantner and authorities.

That was an indication that the jury is still working on their decision.

The Fond du Lac County District Attorney and the defense team had differing opinions.

The defense team shared those concerns that someone voting in the minority could be coerced by the pressure to make a decision.

Yesterday the jury recessed or went on break for the evening starting at 5:15 pm.

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