Jury clears ex-Packers ticket broker of fraud in civil suit

   SHAWANO, Wis. (AP) -- A jury has cleared a Shawano businessman of fraud allegations in a lawsuit brought by Green Bay Packers fans upset that he sold their season tickets to Lambeau Field.
   Jurors late Friday ruled in favor of Douglas Burris on nearly every count. The Shawano Leader reports jurors awarded the plaintiffs a combined estimated $25,000 on a couple of minor findings.
   Burris acquired 331 season tickets for Packers home games in 1991 when he bought a Shawano tavern owned by longtime Packers boosters.
   Burris built a network of 76 customers who paid for access to his season tickets. In 2012, Burris sold his stockpile for $1.4 million to Event USA, a Green Bay brokerage.
   Lead plaintiff Michael Landwehr says the jury "just got it wrong." Burris denied any fraudulent conduct.

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