Judge to decide on Slenderman suspects March 13, defense wants case in children's court

The preliminary hearing in the Slenderman stabbing case ended Tuesday.  The judge will decide on probable cause March 13.  He wants to review more court notes, evidence, and interrogation videos.  The defense argued the case should be moved to children's court.  

A clinical psychologist, Dr. Deborah Collins, testified how she met with one suspect, Morgan Geyser, multiple times.  She said Geyser told her how she \"had relationships with Slenderman and other fictional characters like some from Harry Potter.\"

Collins said Geyser believed she had to kill someone or else she and her family could be hurt by Slenderman.

\"When you ask Morgan what if Slenderman doesn't exist? She can't tolerate that,\" Collins said.  \"She becomes somewhat oppositional. Can't be proven untrue. So it's true.\"

The judge will decide on what's next for both suspects March 13.


Both suspects in the Slenderman stabbing case were in court together Monday.

Prosecutors brought three witnesses to the stand today during the morning session of the preliminary hearing.

Waukesha police Detective Shelly Fisher interviewed the victim at the hospital a few days after the stabbing.

She said the victim told her many of the details on what lead up to the stabbing, what happened during it, and then much of what she did afterwards.

Detective Fisher says the victim told her how they had initially been in a park bathroom when it appeared Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were trying to hurt her. They didn't at that point.

They then went to the woods nearby and decided to play hide and seek. That's when the victim was attacked.

\"Morgan got on top of her legs,\" Waukesha Police Detective Shelly Fisher said. \"She sat on her legs and she got her face real close and whispered in her ear I'm so sorry. And then started stabbing her.\"

After Monday's session, the defense attorney for Morgan Geyser said he still wants the case moved back to children's court.

Attorney Anthony Cotton maintains that his client was caught up with a fantasy and lost touch with reality. \"If she believed she had to do this to protect her family then you wouldn't feel any remorse.\"

The preliminary hearing continues Tuesday and that's when the defense will present its witnesses.

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