Judge sets hearing; could finish same-sex marriage ruling

MADISON -- Wednesday afternoon, federal judge Barbara Crabb set a hearing for this Friday.


Now since both sides of this case officially filed their requests for how they want her to rule, Friday's hearing could be where we finally see the judge order that county clerks in the state issue same-sex marriage licenses.


At this point she has only said Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban from 2006 is unconstitutional, and that led county clerks to take it upon themselves to interpret that as meaning they should be issuing same-sex marriage licenses.


That’s something Wisconsin Attorney General J.B Van Hollen has tried to stop.


So much so that he has asked Judge Crabb twice for a stay, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to order clerks to hold off on issuing same-sex marriage licenses.


A Department of Health Services spokesperson said Wednesday afternoon; the Office of Vital Records is now processing same-sex marriage licenses. 

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