Jonathan Taylor teaches the importance of financial literacy

NOW: Jonathan Taylor teaches the importance of financial literacy

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Before his NFL first snap, Jonathan Taylor was already making moves. The former Badgers superstar became a franchisee with Toppers Pizza a few days before the draft.

Taking care of his finances and making sound investments has always been important to Taylor. So is helping the next generation. That's why he sat down with Milwaukee high schoolers involved in Urban Underground last month to talk about the importance of financial literacy.

"These are things that need to be in every single person on this planet's repertoire," Taylor says. "To be versed and knowledgeable in finances is a lifelong skill."

From taxes to IRAs Taylor hopes the kids left their chat with a better understanding of finances. The Colts running back feels it's the least he can do when so many people showed him the way as a kid.

"If I can just be one of those individuals that they can take one piece of knowledge or nugget from and add it to their repertoire, then I've done my job. It was only right to pay it forward because so many people gave back to me."

As Taylor returns to Indy hoping to build off a tremendous rookie season, he encourages any local teens to do their own research on finances and talk to people they trust.

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