Johnson Controls Named Official "Smart Building" Partner for New Bucks Arena

NOW: Johnson Controls Named Official “Smart Building“ Partner for New Bucks Arena
Milwaukee -

Johnson Controls promising state-of-the-art technology throughout the new downtown Milwaukee arena for the Bucks NBA team.

The Bucks formally announced the partnership Thursday morning.

As the first Founding Partner for the new arena, Johnson Controls will put in a wide range of  what's called  building technology solutions that are aimed at making the fan experience better.

The technology will also reduce energy usage and the arena’s environmental foot print.

“This is an absolutely historic day, not just for the Bucks and Johnson Controls but for the city of Milwaukee,” Bucks President Peter Feigin said. “Our ownership group is committed to building an arena that will be the gold standard for a sports and entertainment facility while also driving additional development and community growth throughout the region. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish those goals without the partnership and support of Johnson Controls. Together we’re going to build an incredible arena and an incredible future for our home city.”

Johnson Controls gets sponsorship rights and benefits including arena signage.

But vows to be part of the overall development plan that will benefit all of the city.

The new arena and entertainment complex is expected to open in fall of 2018.

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