John Henson Accepts Store Owner's Apology

A small group of people came out to protest Schwanke-Kasten on behalf of John Henson.

One protester said that he'd also experienced racism in the north shore.

Henson said he tried shopping at the jewelry store Monday afternoon, but had the door locked on him, and police called.

Store owners said they weren't racially profiling, but they feared Henson after he called asking about inventory last Friday.

They also saw his car outside the store both days and thought it was suspicious because it had dealer plates.

Today, the store owner met privately with Henson and apologized.

Henson said he accepts the apology, but still wants to speak out about racism and prejudging.

Henson plans to visit schools and talk about his experience and how to better treat each others.

He said he doesn't know if he'll go back to Schwanke-Kasten to shop.

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