Job Corps investigation finds issues at programs across the country

A CBS News investigation raised questions about the effectiveness of the National Job Corps program for at risk youth. CBS 58 looked at our program here in Milwaukee.

The national investigation found fighting at some affiliates and in one case a student was found with a white substance on the desk.

The Labor Department's Inspector General found five Job Corps Centers overstated 42% of its placements.

We pulled records from Milwaukee's local Job Corps center and found 11 police reports to the job corps address from 2012 to 2014.

The complaints include a text to the school saying someone planned to 'mimic the Columbine shootings.\"

In one case there was a shooting where a worker heard 2-3 pops and a student ended up with a 'gunshot to the right shin.'

Milwaukee PD was also called for 'thefts from the building.' Some of them included stolen laptops, cell phones, and even a car stolen by a student 'kicked out of Job Corps.'

The cherry on top was a woman 'fired from Job Corps' after she grabbed her pocket knife and threatened an employee.

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