JJ Watt Replaces Injured Boy's Jersey

Pewaukee native and NFL star JJ Watt visits a young boy in the hospital to replace the jersey he lost in a car crash.

Watt replaced that one and then added three more.

One of the jerseys was full of autographs and no doubt a big boost in the boy's recovery.

"I brought you a blue one a red one,  then I brought the real one which you'll have to grow into a little bit,” said Watt.

Hospital workers had to cut the Texans jersey off the 8-year-old after a traffic mishap on New Year's.

His family encouraged about how he responded even in his very delicate state in the hospital.

"It meant a lot to me and my family to see the smile my little boy was trying to put on and the words of encouragement he gave my little boy were amazing,” said Corey Fulmer, Noah's father.

Noah has two broken legs, so his road to recovery will be a long one.

His parents said Watt's visit will give him the strength and inspiration he'll need to get better.

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