Jimmy Buffett fans rip setup of Alpine Valley concert

NOW: Jimmy Buffett fans rip setup of Alpine Valley concert

EAST TROY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Plenty of patrons had a great time at Jimmy Buffett’s concert at Alpine Valley Saturday, but others say they couldn’t even see the show.

One fan sent CBS 58 a video showing people leaving the concert after just a few songs because they thought the concert was overbooked.

“It was a lot busier than the other concerts," neighbor Paula Shulz said.

Alpine sends neighbors a list of expected concert attendants. That list shows most concerts have about 20,000 expected guests. The Buffett concert had 34,000.

“My husband and I both said 'oh my gosh, where are they going to put them all?'" neighbor MaryAnn Henningfeld said.  "And we figured there would be a lot of traffic because it’s just a lot in one day.”

There were also complaints about the sound quality of the concert, causing some to ask for a refund.

People unhappy with the concert and those who enjoyed it were both upset with the lines to get in, which were partially caused by storms.

“Just a lot of people, and pretty much they stayed in their cars except for when it got to be more time consuming, and then they would get out and maybe walk around or something, just wondering what’s going on,” Henningfeld said.

Some even started tailgating in the streets. The backups caused problems for people living in the area who were coming back from work, like Schulz.

“I live right here next to the entrance, and it takes me 30-45 minutes just to get down the road to get back to my house.”

We reached out several times to the media team of Live Nation, which runs the concert, but got no response.

A customer representative for Live Nation told CBS 58 people were given vouchers for the inconvenience, but that was disputed by multiple people who were unhappy with the experience.

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