Janesville man faces murder charges in his former girlfriend's death

JANESVILLE-- A man who claimed he went on a killing spree before stabbing a friend in Janesville, now faces murder charges in the death of his former girlfriend. 

\"Quite frankly, we've been anticipating it for some time,\" said Deputy Chief Dan Davis, of Janesville Police Department.

Police found Clayton Courtney covered in mud, with a cryptic smile on May 4th.  He was arrested for attempted murder of a friend, but Thursday afternoon, police announced he will be charged in the death of Brittany Cross. 

\"Not arresting him afforded us some investigative opportunities,\" said Chief Davis, \"we wanted to seize those opportunities.\"

Police say when they found Cross' body-- they also found a baseball cap, shirt, and pocket sized Bible, all items Courtney was known to carry, but forensic evidence from the state crime lab was even more telling.

\"Some blood on Mr. Courtney's pants matched the DNA of Brittany Cross,\" said Chief Davis.

Courtney faces charges of first degree intentional homicide.  He is scheduled to appear in court Friday at 3 PM.

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