James Norman accused of firing gunshots at motorist on US-41

MILWAUKEE -- 35-year-old James Norman is charged with First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety after allegedly chasing down a motorist and firing gunshots into his car.


According to the criminal complaint, 35-year-old James Norman and another driver were traveling on an US-41 on-ramp around 7:30 a.m. on August 18. The driver of the other vehicle told investigators he and Norman were close to actually hitting each other so he motioned and told Norman \"go ahead M-----F-----!\". The driver says Norman yelled obsenties back at him. The criminal complaint says Norman caught up with the driver and fired his .40 glock.


The criminal complaint says the bullet passed through the victim's window without hitting him. The victim was injured by broken glass. 


Norman sped off from the shooting and crashed his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the Stadium Intersection. West Milwaukee police arrested Norman after he dropped his gun in the highway's median. Police found marijuana in Norman's pocket, leading to a criminal charge for marijuana possession.


Norman had \"Sin City Disciples\" decals on his Harley-Davidson. Investigators aren't sure Norman is a member of the gang, whose slogan is \"death before dishonor\". But added the 35-year-old has an extensive criminal history and did not have a valid license.



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