James Foley's family works to establish a hostage support organization

James W. Foley Legacy Foundation has been fund-raising for the Rachel Briggs of Hostage UK to establish a Hostage US organization.
The group focuses on the needs of American hostages families and returning hostages. 
James Foley was an American journalist killed after being held hostage in Syria by ISIS for more than 600 days. 
The Ford Foundation matched a $125,000 gift to enable Hostage US. 
“Our family suffered enormous trauma when Jim was captured, but that trauma was only exacerbated by the ineffective, confusing and uncoordinated response from our government. While we sincerely appreciate President Obama's new Presidential Directive and Executive Order for addressing the American hostage crisis, families truly need an advocate. We are very proud to help establish Hostage US, which will assist families, and any returning hostages, through this unbearable time,” said Diane and John Foley. 
Hostage US will be operational by September 2015 and will begin supporting families as early as 2016. Hostage UK is an independent charity that supports hostages and their families during and after a kidnap in Great Britain. 
“Our son passionately believed in freedom and justice. He believed that press freedom was vital to our democracy. He wanted fellow Americans to know the suffering and courage of Middle Eastern families and their yearning for similar freedoms,” said Diane and John. “Through Jim's Foundation, we hope to continue his legacy by advocating for the return of American hostages, supporting their families, protecting struggling American freelance journalists, and providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth.\" 
More information: www.jamesfoleyfoundation.org. 
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