It's time to start preparing for snowfall once again

NOW: It’s time to start preparing for snowfall once again

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) - With the first snowfall on the way, some in our area are heading to the stores to get ready.

“It’s been busy,” said Don Dishnow, a manager at Tomchek Ace Hardware in Waukesha.

They are seeing a surge of people coming in to get ready for the snow.

“Salt is moving out the door, snow blowers are moving, and shovels are moving out the door,” said Dishnow.

It happens every year, but Dishnow says it’s a little early this year. This year we’ve seen more people preparing, coming in earlier, we’ve had a lot of salt sales that are kind of strange this time of year, usually people don’t get too concerned with the salt this time of year,” he said.

Waukesha resident Linda Martin made a stop in for supplies Monday, and when we asked if she was ready for winter, her answer came fast. “No, not at all, not a little bit,” laughed Martin.

Along with needing an ice scraper, Linda needs to winterize her home, get snow tires, and get new wiper blades. “It sounds like I have a lot, and I do have a lot,” she said.

Like many in Wisconsin who know winter is coming, it always seems to catch us off guard.

“I’m busy in fall, I like fall and I don’t want to think about winter,” said Martin.

But whether we’re ready or not, the snowflakes will be flying soon.

“I think it’s really a lot of work, a lot of effort,” said Martin.

“You can never prepare enough for Wisconsin weather,” said Dishnow.

The hardware store says unlike last year when there was an area-wide salt shortage, there is plenty available this year.

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