"It's just heartbreaking:" Family loses everything in Kenosha County house fire

NOW: “It’s just heartbreaking:“ Family loses everything in Kenosha County house fire

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Kenosha family is desperate for help after a fire burned down their home, leaving them with nothing.

No one was hurt in the fire but virtually every possible circumstance otherwise couldn't be worse for the Krumpen family.

The house they lived in is gone, leaving them with no possessions and nowhere to stay where their dogs can come with.

"When I got the phone calls and pictures...I basically dropped to my knees. I knew right then and there my life was going to change forever," said Danielle Krumpen, whose home burned down.

Danielle was in Philadelphia with the family when the fire happened last week. Jon Krumpen was at his fathers. Now, they wander through the rubble bearing the painful weight of the loss. 

"All the pictures, everything we have in the whole world was in this house. All our clothes. There's a diamond ring somewhere in this mess. It's just heartbreaking," said Jon Krumpen.

The Krumpens missed an insurance payment last month and they don't even know how this will get cleaned up. While they stay with in-laws, they also need to find a place that will take Bella.

"I don't know where we're going to go from here. Our only option may be to move to Philadelphia and I don't want to leave my daughter behind. She's my life," said Krumpen.

If you'd like to help Jon and Danielle, they have a GoFundMe set up and an account at their Credit Union. For more information, click here

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