'It's just heartbreaking': Couple wakes up day after Christmas to find thieves stole tires off SUV

NOW: ’It’s just heartbreaking’: Couple wakes up day after Christmas to find thieves stole tires off SUV

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- “No rim. No lug nuts. They took everything," Sadie Kapczynski said.

“They took everything from it," added her husband, Michael.

He says he was headed to work the morning after Christmas when he saw his SUV leaning to one side, and then found out why.

“We used the stimulus money to pay for the tires and now they’re gone," he said.

With two of their tires missing, Sadie posted a sign, on their garage, to warn their neighbors.

It read: "Neighbors, car wheels stolen Dec. 25, Christmas Day. Police called. Be safe."

“Because it is the holidays," Sadie said. "You’re supposed to be giving to other people. And to have this stolen and things happen bad to you, you know you wonder, but there’s good people out there.”

The couple said the theft put them in a true bind.

Because of an injury, Michael can only work part time.

He’d just started a new job and says he was anxious to call his boss.

“This was going to be my fourth day. I’m sorry. I can’t come in. I’m worried, is she going to think I’m a bum?" Michael asked.

They filed a report with Milwaukee Police, and are hoping for good news.

But the couple has already reached out to their insurance company.

“This shouldn’t happen to anybody, not on Christmas. It’s just heartbreaking. It is," Sadie said.

Michael estimates a cost of about $800 or more for new tires.

On his own, a neighbor created a GoFundMe to help with their expenses.

If you’d like to donate, click here.

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