"It's Horrible": Parents React to Sexual Assault Allegations against Milwaukee Teacher

“It’s Horrible“: Parents React to Sexual Assault Allegations against Milwaukee Teacher

Milwaukee Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault involving a teacher at Whitman Elementary School. 

That employee, who parents say is a 4th grade teacher, was arrested by police. He has not been charged. 

Parents were told about the allegations through a vague robocall sent out Tuesday afternoon. 

    "When we first got it, I didn't think a lot of it," says one parent. "It did not sound like it was this big of a deal." 

That parent, who did not want to be identified, says he found out who the teacher was by searching arrest logs. He says his child was a student in the suspect's class last year. 

    "I was really disappointed, he was a like-able guy," says that parent. "It's horrible. No parent should have to go through it, no kid should have to go through it." 

That parent says the teacher had an unusual teaching style, one he didn't always agree with. 

    "When I asked my {child} what did you learn today, it was always something about this teacher," he says. "Recently, just seeing him after school, spending a lot of time with one family, really late after school, seemed really odd to me." 

    "To take a parent's trust in you with their child and do something like that, is just... there's no excuse for it."

He says he reached out to the district for more information, but was turned away. The robocall sent to parents told them to contact the principal with more questions. 

     "We were asking about moving forward, what do we tell our child? To me, it was just like a shut door. We're going to close ranks and not talk about it." 

The district says that teacher has been placed on unpaid leave, and a substitute teacher has been hired. They declined to comment further on the allegations. 

    "The information needs to be out there," says the parent. "You need to tell the parents. You're trusted with these kids." 

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