'It's great for the city': Fans, residents prepare to welcome people to Milwaukee for NBA Finals

NOW: ’It’s great for the city’: Fans, residents prepare to welcome people to Milwaukee for NBA Finals

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee is putting its best foot forward as the city takes center stage during the NBA Finals.

Bucks fans, like Tom Troast, are ready to show the rest of the world why they fell in love with Milwaukee.

"It's great for the team. It's great for the city. We needed this," Troast said. "We got kicked in the teeth last year with losing all of the events, and so to see them on national television all the time, see the Deer District and all the excitement in the city, it's great."

National broadcasters are coming to Milwaukee from all over the country for the NBA Finals, something the city missed out on last year when the Democratic National Convention was moved online.

"Without having the spotlight we thought we were going to get with the DNC, this sure helps to make up for that," Visit Milwaukee Communications Director Claire Koenig said.

That spotlight brings attention, tourists and money. Visit Milwaukee estimates home games will bring in more than $3.7 million each. 

"It's hard to quantify what this national spotlight means because it's wonderful, and the longer we can have it, the better," Koenig said.

After a contentious election and a drawn-out pandemic, Troast is just happy to see Milwaukee come together on something everyone can get behind.

"It's been awhile for us for that," Troast said. "There's no political issue. There's no medical issue. It's just our team and I think that's what's wonderful for the city."

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is Tuesday night in Phoenix.

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