"It's been such an honor to serve as governor," Scott Walker says in exit interview

NOW: “It’s been such an honor to serve as governor,“ Scott Walker says in exit interview

Gov Scott Walker says a big part of his next year will be speaking all over the country.

“There’s a void out there nationally to be talking about a conservative, alternative, positive conservative alternative when it comes to fiscal policy. A lot of the talk in Washington these days is about social,” Walker said in an interview with CBS 58 Friday.

Walker says much of his political work the next two years,  will be helping President Donald Trump get re-elected.

He plans to form a team with the state party to help Trump win Wisconsin.

“I just think it’s going to be critically important for the 2020 election that we carry the state of Wisconsin," Walker said. "And so there’s things, even just personally, having learned from this last campaign. Things i think we need to improve on. Reaching out, getting more people involved, getting more people registered.”

After the 2020 election, Walker says any return to office is possible.

From U.S. Senate, to another run at governor, or higher. We asked Walker if he would rule out another run at president.

“No, my wife pointed out about a month after the election. She said ‘let’s not fool ourselves. She said you’ve done this. You’re good at being in office.”

Walker will move out of the executive residence to downtown Milwaukee, near his two sons. He says, personally, the thing he’s looking forward to most, is driving.

“Bizarrely, that’s the one thing we miss," Walker said of the conversations he has had with other governors. "Not just as a person, but as couples, a lot of couples drive somewhere and talk. That’s where you get your discussions out. We miss doing that.”

Walker says his legacy is bringing conservative reform to the state, and his biggest accomplishment was passing Act 10,  which took collective bargaining from public employees.

“It not only helped balance the budget," Walker said. "It was part of an economic reform that got us to the point where more people were working than before. It really freed up government to be much more effective.”

Walker says his parting message to Wisconsinites is that it’s been an honor for him and his wife Tonete to be the First Family.

"We've been so privileged that people have let us into their lives, and be a part of who they are," Walker said. And we've just loved to see how proud people are as we travel. How proud people are of their communities and their homes and their families. Places of work, and worship. And we've been proud to be their governor."

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