"It's a labor of love": West Bend teacher honors veterans through unique video

A West Bend teacher is honoring veterans from East and West High School's in a video tribute, now playing at the school's entrance.

Scott Mindel started compiling a list of alumni veterans in 2015, scouring social media and genealogy websites for information. 

That list has grown from 225 names in 2015, to 1,650 this year.

"It's uncovering history, so that other people can learn from it," says Mindel. "It's a lot of work, but I call it a labor of love." 

The social studies teacher doesn't have a military background, but decided 3 years ago he needed to do something to honor local veterans.

"I've had countless students of mine that have served, or are serving," he says. "I always get comments about how important it is to them to get that recognition, some of which they never got when they came back home." 

Mindel has turned his list into a video, now nearly 2 hours long. It showcases names, pictures, and military information he can find. 

That video plays on a constant loop in a busy hallway, a constant reminder of the selfless graduates who have walked these halls. 

"After I'm gone from here, it will leave a legacy, and hopefully someone else picks up the ball and continues to run."

Mindel is continuously searching for more names to his list. If you have a friend or family member you'd like to include, you can email Mindel at [email protected]

You can watch the full video here.

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