'It's a horrible day': Community reacts to fatal shooting at Roundy's distribution center

NOW: ’It’s a horrible day’: Community reacts to fatal shooting at Roundy’s distribution center

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wednesday was a long and exhausting day as police worked to answer the “why” behind the Roundy's shooting. It was also a tiresome day for others, like drivers sitting in a row of trucks parked across the street from Roundy’s.

Nearly 24 hours after a gunman opened fire killing two workers at the Roundy’s in Oconomowoc, life has been interrupted at the distribution plant. Entrances all around the plant are blocked off, no one‘s getting in or out.

“I arrived here at 1:50 this morning and I didn’t know what was going on or when I asked police, they told me, you know, to park here and wait, you know,” said Vedo Dukic, truck driver.

“They told us to call up our dispatchers and to find our rescheduling to get back in,” said truck driver Ben Lubbers.

The Roundy’s parking lot presents another side to the story. When shots were fired, 150 workers were present. They evacuated, leaving behind their cars and hopping on a bus that dropped them off at the Oconomowoc police station. A day later, as the investigation continues, employees' cars have been held back.

“I just feel like it’s horrible to think you have to worry about being shot just going to work,” said Sarah Strader, who was doing business in Oconomowoc.

“We also had a standoff about a year and a half ago right on 67 and the highway. This area might be, you know, bad luck,” said Bob Dechenne, who lives nearby.

Meanwhile, leaders have expressed their sadness as well, including Governor Evers with this: “Our hearts go out to the two workers in Oconomowoc whose lives were taken by gun violence."

“It’s a horrible day. We had three people in our community lost their lives. My thoughts really go out too, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families that were involved in this and everyone at Roundy’s,” said Mayor Bob Magnus.

A spokesman for Roundy’s says they are working to reopen the distribution center as soon as possible, but it remains unclear whether that will be Thursday. 

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