"It's a big teddy bear:" Muskego man in panda suit speaks after 911 call

NOW: “It’s a big teddy bear:“ Muskego man in panda suit speaks after 911 call

MUSKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It was 11:30 in the morning on February 22, 2019 when a 911 caller reported a suspicious person in Muskego.

The 911 operator asked the caller, "Do you have a description of the person?"

The caller laughed and then replied, "It's a big teddy bear."

"I had to work a couple more hours than originally planned so I needed someone to let out the dogs," said Molly Salentine.

Her dogs just needed the 'bear' necessities, but when she asked her neighbor to let them out, Molly had no idea the 'panda-monium' the request would cause.

"We still don't know if the dogs were let out," said Salentine while laughing.

While the neighbor went to let out Salentine's dogs, another neighbor was on the line with 911.

Operator: "It's a big what, I'm sorry?"

Caller: "Teddy bear.....Honest to God."

Operator: "Somebody dressed as a teddy bear?"

Caller: "Yep."

"I knew my neighbors had cameras, and I thought I was going to make the ordinary extraordinary and dress up in the panda suit," said the Panda.

The panda doesn't want to be identified yet, and says this isn't the first time he's worn the costume. He picked up his daughter from school in the suit and greeted her at the school bus in the suit. Pandas are her favorite animal.

The panda was caught 'black-and-white-handed' on multiple security cameras. While Salentines agree it was a funny joke, things got serious for a moment when Muskego Police showed up.

"As I was about to pivot and walk up my lawn, I see at least 3 squad cars with at least 3 or 4 coming."

You could say the Panda had the 'right to bear.' Muskego police soon realized nothing was criminal, and they double-checked with the Salentines that the panda was at the right house.

It's been a good laugh after the incident was written up in the police blotter and reported on multiple local news outlets.

"There's a lot of boring things every day, a lot of not so great things every day, try to make it extraordinary. All it takes is a panda outfit, and it's that simple," said the Panda.

The neighbors are thankful their neighbors are looking out and reported suspicious activity.

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