'It was shocking:' Witness describes funeral home shooting that injured 7

’It was shocking: ’ Witness describes funeral home shooting that injured 7

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There's now a large reward for information leading to arrests in the Serenity Funeral Home shooting.

A witness tells CBS 58 it was a crazy scene.

The woman says she’s never been in the middle of crossfire, but she’s thankful she was able to get her and her daughter to safety.

Inside Serenity Funeral Home on Wednesday afternoon, a visitation was being held for 26-year-old Braxton Taylor.

But outside the building shots rang out, putting a halt to the service.

“I grabbed me and my daughter and I took heel and ran downstairs in the women’s bathroom,” said witness Brianna Futch. "It was shocking, unexpected, out of nowhere”

Brianna Futch was there seeing her cousin Taylor for the very last time.

She said the funeral had not even got started.

“I was getting ready to leave, something told me don’t go out those doors, something told me to move away from those doors, and once I moved, bullets just rung out. It was blood everywhere, it was crazy.”

According to Milwaukee police, seven people were shot. Ages ranged from 20-48 years old.

They were all sent to a local hospital for treatment.

Police also say the preliminary investigation revealed that the incident occurred as a result of an ongoing feud between two separate parties.

Futch says all the victims were there to see Taylor.

“Some of his close friends,that he grew up with and went to school with."

She says it’s a shame they couldn’t mourn her cousin’s death in peace, and this shooting will forever play over and over her in head.

 “I never seen nothing like this before in my life.”

Milwaukee police are still looking for the people responsible for this shooting.

They are offering a $10,000 reward for any info leading up to an arrest.

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