"It saddens my heart:" Longtime bowling alley, Fracaro's Lanes, will be torn down

NOW: “It saddens my heart:“ Longtime bowling alley, Fracaro’s Lanes, will be torn down


"It saddens my heart to know that history is truly being closed."

A piece of history, that's been a part of Waukesha for nearly 100 years. The building that was once Fracaro's Lanes on Whiterock Avenue, has been ordered by the city to be torn down despite efforts from the owners to reopen after a massive fire on New Year's Day. Former Mayor Carol Lombardi remembers it's rich history.

"Whether you were day shift, night shift, there were many leagues where people would go and bowl at 5'o clock in the afternoon because they would have to go to work later so it had a specific purpose."

Back in January, a dozen different fire departments battled the blaze which officials say caused $250,000 in damage.

Last month, officials ruled that the fire was not suspicious, citing the cause may have been from an electrical issue that started in the kitchen.

"The damage that was done to that building, to me, there was no way that the building could be renovated to be brought up to all of the federal, state, and local building safety laws that have now been implemented through the years."

In wake of the future demolition, Lombardi believes the family owned business will hold a special place in the hearts of many Waukesha residents.

"I certainly congratulate the Fracaro for all years of work and effort that they have put into that facility."

Friends of the owners set up a GoFundMe page shortly after the fire to help with the rebuild. That money has since been refunded. We tried reaching out to the owners but have not heard back. 

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