“It’s convenient:” Changing the way we bank, video chatting with the teller

NOW: “It’s convenient:” Changing the way we bank, video chatting with the teller

SHEYBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Technology is changing the way many of us do our banking. From accessing your bank account online to video chatting with a teller.

An eastern Wisconsin credit union has interactive personal teller machines (PTM) that connect customers with tellers through video at four of their branches. This upgrade came after they noticed fewer people going inside to use the tellers. UnitedOne saw a 32 percent decrease in teller transactions in 2009.

‘We’ve seen in our research that not as many members are coming to the branch. They are utilizing the app and the mobile deposit as well as the mobile pay,” said Oliva Zeman, branch manager.

JPMorgan and Chase had a 25 percent decrease from 2014 to 2016 in teller transactions. Banks and credit unions are investing more in their ATM’s.

Customers like Ryan Bugbee say these machines are convenient. At these PTM’s, customers can deposit, make withdrawals and transfer money. It can do almost everything except cash in coins.

“I think financial wise for businesses it’s cost effective to do it this way also and you still get the personal care with the person,” said Bugbee.

Many customers were concerned tellers would be losing their jobs with the addition of the PTM’s.

“No tellers lost their jobs, we did reposition some of them and we include new jobs by creating a whole new department at our member contact center,” said Brofka.

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