'It really lifts their spirits': Children's Hospital hosts prom for its patients

NOW: ’It really lifts their spirits’: Children’s Hospital hosts prom for its patients

WAUWATOSA (CBS 58) -- It’s that time of year again; students will be heading to prom. For most teens, it’s a rite of passage. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is making the special night possible for its patients.

The lobby inside Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin transformed into a prom venue Saturday night for Patient Prom. Children’s Hospital holds the event to allow patients who are battling serious illnesses to go through the same milestone as every other teen.  

“It really lifts their spirits. It gives them something to look forward to," Certified Child Life Specialist, Jill Fahner said. "We get them out of their hospital room, they get to go down, pick out their dress, get jewelry created,  get their hair and makeup done and just forget about being sick for a while.” 

Katie Kubiak was on the dance floor with friends at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Saturday. The 16-year-old has been in and out of the hospital for months as she battles numerous illnesses.

“Usually when I come here it's for appointments or admissions so I usually tie the hospital with that,” Kubiak said. “Being able to tie it to memories with other people and having this fun time is really nice.”

Saturday marked the 10th annual Patient Prom at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Some of the previous attendees who are now out of the hospital have returned to Patient Prom as volunteers.

“Even though you're in the hospital, you can still have a fun night and a normal teen experience,” Volunteer Emily Dettinger said.

For many patients, they say the event takes their mind off the daily struggles they go through.

“This is such a nice distraction to be able to have my makeup done, dress up, in the midst of battling numerous chronic illnesses,” Kubiak said.

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