'It could have been a lot worse': Alleged Highland Park shooter cellphone buried outside Middleton business

NOW: ’It could have been a lot worse’: Alleged Highland Park shooter cellphone buried outside Middleton business

MIDDLETON Wis. (CBS 58) -- After gunning down dozens of parade goers at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, investigators say the alleged shooter Robert Crimo considered a second attack in Madison and ditched his cellphone outside an auto shop in Middleton.

Lake County Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said Crimo was "seriously contemplating" another attack in Madison after seeing another event happening. He was driving around with about 60 rounds of ammunition, according to police.

"He did see a celebration that was occurring in Madison and seriously contemplated using the firearm in the vehicle to commit another shooting," said Covelli.

Covelli added Crimo changed his mind because “he hadn't put enough thought or research into it.”

Law enforcement found Crimo's cellphone buried in dirt outside on the 6500 block of University Avenue in Middleton, Wis., about a 10-minute drive from Madison. The phone was located by the FBI between two auto repair shops.

Jim Lund, owner of Jim's Auto Service Center, said about a dozen FBI agents and law enforcement agencies show up Tuesday morning to search his property. After several hours they located the phone within feet of Lund's businesses.

Lund said he's still processing why Crimo came to his shop.

"My daughter came by after work and goes Dad why here and everyone is asking why here," Lund said. "He was here…this close to doing it again."

Employees at Dunn's Import Car Service next door called it unnerving to know another attack could have happened in their hometown.

"I think we are all fortunate nothing else happened," said Jeremy Spann, manager at Dunn's Import Car Service. "The City and the residents of Middleton are fortunate nothing went on. It could have been a lot worse and I'm glad it didn't happen."

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