Invasive jumping worms spreading across Wisconsin, DNR advises to keep an eye out

Ecologists are warning people to check their gardens for jumping worms. They're an invasive species that are spreading quickly across Wisconsin and the United States. 

The worms were first found in 2013 after most likely being transported on plants from Asia. Two obvious signs for the worms are crumbly, loose soil or sudden changes in plants. 

"There's no predators for them more or less so they're able to spread and change the soil structure, eat a lot of the organic matter that's really important for plants," said Brad Herrick, research program manager at UW Arboretum. 

Late June through early July is the perfect time to find the jumping worms in your garden. 

Experts recommend putting the worms in a plastic bag, tying it tight and leaving them in the sun to dry out for a couple of hours. 

The jumping worm has multiple names:

  • Asian jumping worms
  • Crazy worms
  • Alabama jumpers
  • Snake worms
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