Internet Service for Five Dollars a Month

Internet service for $5 per month. AT&T recently made public their plan to offer that to some people.

"The internet helps with quality of life, whether it's education, whether it's with jobs, whether it's with training," said Dextra Hadnot, Director of External Affairs for AT&T.

That's the reason why the company is revealing their goal of getting, as many people as they can, connected. Any one person in a household who gets, and can prove they get, FoodShare benefits would qualify. Internet speeds of 3 mbps would cost $5 per month. Faster speeds of 5 mbps or 10 mbps will cost $10 per month.

"We wanna deal with low income people who may not have had any opportunity to have broadband or internet in their homes," Hadnot said.

The Milwaukee Urban League is helping get the word out about this through the people who they see come in for help finding a job, as well their partner groups.

"It is not a luxury, it's an absolute necessity," said Ralph Hollmon, President & CEO of Milwaukee Urban League, Inc. 

The speed of the internet will depend on what someone can afford and what's available where the person lives. The number to call to find out about eligibility is (855) 220-5211.

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