Insurance company says 'no pitbulls'

MILWAUKEE -- A local insurance company is no longer offering home owner's insurance to people who own pitbulls, but that's causing adoption issues for the breed already struggling to find homes.

Brea Lopez is a pitbull foster owner taking dogs from MADACC, like Minnie, a happy dog that's so docile she sleeps with her child every night.

Lopez says, \"It's frustrating because I've had over 40 pitbulls in my home and they are great with my kids and with my cat.\"

Badger Mutual is restricting pitbulls from it's homeowners policy, making it more difficult for people like Lopez to find a permanent home for pitbulls.

\"Families come in wanting to meet a pitbull thinking it would be a great addition to their home, then they call their insurance company and say no it's not going to work.\"

Lopez is encouraging people who want to adopt a pitbull to keep other insurance companies on their radar.

Lopez says, \"Lot's of insurance companies are out there, and insurance agents who are willing to get to know the dog, and not just judge them on the breed.

We contacted Badger Mutual but they didn't want to comment any further except to confirm the change in their policy.



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