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Innovative Sinus Surgery

MILWAUKEE -- For many sinus problems are not something that can be easily cured by a trip to the drug store. People like Heidi Marcus \"the fullness in the ears, the very stuffy nose and just always having that pressure up in here\" and Jeff Lovelin \"my sinuses were, I mean from my ear to my nose felt like somebody was constantly pulling on my face.\" But at the same time many are reluctant to go under the knife to see if traditional sinus surgery could bring an end to their suffering. And that's where balloon sinuplasty, a minimally invasive in office procedure, introduced to Wisconsin by Doctor Madan Kandula at the Advanced Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in Wauwatosa comes in.

According to Doctor Kandula, \"this is a procedure that's right for somebody that has issues with chronic sinus infections or repetitive sinus infections or sometimes folks have sinus headaches and even just breathing issues.\" Heidi Marcus allowed us to see in real-time how this little balloon can make a big difference in so many lives.


The big question a lot of people have; will insurance cover the procedure?  Jeff Lovelin, who had the surgery a while back tells us his insurance provider covered the procedure and it would seem it's a lot less expensive than traditional sinus surgery.


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