In the midst of birdies and bogeys, a marriage proposal

   ERIN, Wis. (AP) -- Nick Rogness felt as nervous as anyone at the U.S. Open -- not because of a golf club in his hand, but the diamond ring in his pocket.

   Rogness waited for the crowds to chase after the final two groups Saturday, creating enough space on a hill to the right of the second hole at Erin Hills. He dropped to his knee and proposed to Malea Blise. She said yes.

   The hardest part?

   "Trying to find some privacy amid all this madness," Rogness said.

   This is the first U.S. Open in Wisconsin. Rogness, who is from the Milwaukee area, said he and Blise have been playing golf most of their lives. He picked the spot above the second fairway because Holy Hill Basilica can be seen in the background.

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