'I'm so excited': A search for healthier and gluten-free foods at the Wisconsin State Fair

’I’m so excited’: A search for healthier and gluten-free foods at the Wisconsin State Fair

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There are so many fried, dipped and heavy foods to eat at the Wisconsin State Fair, but what if you're looking for healthier or gluten-free options? CBS 58 searched the fair grounds Monday, Aug. 9, to find some.

Tess Shaepe was eating her first gluten-free funnel cake at the fair.

"I'm like so excited about this. This is like the best day of my life right now," said Shaepe.

She has celiac disease and cannot eat gluten. Places like Auntie M's are perfect for her.

"I know that it's safe," she explained. "Cause you go to other places and they might have some gluten-free options but you never know if there's any cross-contamination."

It's Auntie M's first time as a fair vendor. Brian O'Konek is co-owner of the Minnesota-based company. He can't eat gluten either.

"In Minnesota, the corn dogs are kind of No. 1 but we're noticing here in Wisconsin the funnel cakes are a little more popular," said O'Konek.

Helmut Strudel has one of the park's vegetarian options, with their spinach puff.

"It's chopped spinach, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese and feta mixed up with spices, wrapped up with puff pastry, and they're baked," said Gary Ridens, owner of Helmut's Strudel.

To help find what you like, you can also use the State Fair's website "Food Finder."

"I hope it says that we are really trying to make the Wisconsin State Fair be something for everyone," said Wisconsin State Fair Park CEO Kathleen O'Leary.

If you haven't already planned out your trip ahead of time, you can also go to Guest Services on the fair grounds and get all of your questions about food and fun answered.

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