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Illinois man pleads not guilty in drunk driving crash that killed 3 relatives in Kenosha County

NOW: Illinois man pleads not guilty in drunk driving crash that killed 3 relatives in Kenosha County


KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — An Illinois man charged in a crash that killed three family members, including a doctor, a nurse and a dentist, has pleaded not guilty in Wisconsin.

Forty-year-old Timothy Vandervere, of Beach Park, Illinois, appeared in Kenosha County Circuit Court Thursday where a judge found there was enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Vandervere then entered not guilty pleas to eight felonies, including first-degree reckless homicide. Vandervere has also pleaded not guilty to drunken driving.

Prosecutors say Vandervere was allegedly speeding and driving erratically April 5 when he slammed into the back of an SUV in Salem Lakes, killing 67-year-old Michael Rizzo, 74-year-old Mary Rizzo and her 76-year-old husband, Vincent Rizzo. Michael Rizzo, a doctor, and Vincent Rizzo, a dentist, are brothers. Mary Rizzo was a nurse. The SUV's driver, a 72-year-old brother, Gerald Rizzo, was injured.

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MAD 246 days ago
John, this guy is not sober! People don't get sober in 3 weeks, the only reason he's not drinking is because he's in jail and he can't drink otherwise believe me he would be still drinking and carrying on like drunken fool. you want to sit there and say he has a toddler at home well why wasn't he home bonding with this toddler at home and playing with her you want to sit there and say now this toddler has no Daddy at home well with a daddy like this toddler doesn't need to be home with a dad like this, picking up on all his ways. This was totally his choice to go to his brother's house drinking all day long riding SUVs shooting guns - knowing that he had to drive home to see his toddler! It was his choice and his choice alone to get in his truck and drive, mind you four times the legal limit! And where was his brother when he was getting in his truck to drive he knew he was drunk just like a Tavern he should be held just as responsible!! Oh were they thinking about this toddler at home no neither one of them were oh, the wife could have came and got him or the brother could have made him stay there until he sobered up the next morning hyphen but instead he was allowed to get in that truck drive home and on the way home devastate the entire Rizzo family and the entire Kenosha Community, and the senseless murders of these people oh, what a shame shame on him shame on his brother, shame on his wife for not coming to pick him up, I don't feel sorry for him nor his family for what he has done it was his choice and his choice alone. I wish Wisconsin have the death penalty because he deserves it for what he has done! The way I see it for this clown he should give an eye for an eye, how will he ever pay for what he has done to this family??? It's impossible totally impossible for him to ever bring back the lives of the people who he has killed senselessly killed because of his drinking and driving by choice when he should have been home playing with his toddler and being with his wife. If you wanted to go to his brothers can drink he should have took a designated driver he could have took his wife and had a fun family day with his child and his wife and his brother but no he chose to do just what he did so he should suffer the consequences no ifs ands buts about it! And since Wisconsin doesn't have the death penalty he should never ever ever get out of prison he should spend the rest of his life in prison- look at how many toddlers he took away from the Rizzo family that they will never ever ever get to see you again, look at how many children he took away from the Rizzo family that will never ever get to see their family again. The Rizzo family were expecting great grandchildren in the matter of a few months and they will never ever ever get to meet their great-grandchildren now is that a fair deal? Grandchildren children who have always loved their Grandpa's and their mothers and fathers and now they have been stripped from their lives forever and they'll never get to see or talk to them again because of this drunk that's a fair deal oh, but yet this drunk will still get to have some sort of contact with his toddler which I don't think is fair he should never ever be able to have contact with his family either for what he has done I hope they send him so far away that there is no way that he'll be able to have contact with his family either!! I hope for this horrific crime the judge orders that he used to have no contact with his family ever again for all the families that he has killed and devastated! He deserves nothing less other than the death penalty which Wisconsin does it have!
MAD 276 days ago
At least he'll get to see his toddler the Rizzo's will never ever get to see their families again he'll get to see his toddler and his family while he's Behind Bars and talk to them in letters and over the phone the Rizzo's will never ever ever ever get to see their families again! So who's impacted more and like I said it was his choice- and by the way you don't get sober in 3 weeks! One can only wish this was the death penalty state for all these families that he has devastated for life!!!
MAD 276 days ago
A plea bargain are you kidding are you really kidding me, and him impacting his own family this was his , again his choice, look how many other families he has impacted! To say the least by his choice, do you think he deserves a plea bargain, he could have called anyone to come and pick him up and so could have his brother!
John 277 days ago
I think that pleading not guilty is standard for most death cases. I am sure he will either be found guilty or do a plea bargain down the road. Since he this is now sober, he needs to take time to process how the life he had is over and will be changed forever. He has impacted his own family too, including a little toddler who will not have a daddy at home.
MAD 279 days ago
I don't believe this guy could plead not guilty, he was driving drunk plenty of witnesses saw him no skid marks and he rear-ended the Rizzo's, completely devastating this family and the entire community! What's he going to say the Budweiser Man was driving and he got out of the truck and ran? Witnesses called the police on him well before this horrific accident ever happened saying he was going at least 100 miles an hour and almost hitting them, swerving all over the road. What's he thinking that's going to happen next, that Wisconsin is going to make him a plea bargain this is absolutely ridiculous! When you're almost 4 times the legal limit to drive as to being drunk stay where you are or have somebody come and pick you up. I think it's called being responsible for your own actions, and when you're not you face the consequences.
MAD 280 days ago
This guy has no right to breathe our airspace, he deserves life for what he has done! I so wish we had the death penalty because I certainly don't want to pay to feed and house him! The Rizzo Family will be sadly missed and would have never hurt anyone. They were and are the type of Family that helps others and Saves Lives - Well Educated - Religious - Loving and Loved Spending Time With Family.

This Timothy VanDevere he doesn't have a license in Wisconsin because it's revoked so how does he have one in Illinois I thought they crossed checked! And where does his brother fit in with all this he was at his house drinking all day shooting guns and riding SUVs and then his brother lets him get in his truck and drive wouldn't you think it's just like a Tavern that is Brothers partially responsible for not taking the keys and making him stay there?? And if he did leave that his brother would be responsible to call the police on him!

It truly sickens me as to the laws of Wisconsin I have seen people with 12 DUIs that go to rehab and nothing happens to then they get a slap on the hand things need to change and Wisconsin - we have the most lenient DUI laws in the United States and it's truly ridiculous! If it were up to me the first DUI you would go to jail for 5 years and you would lose your license for another five years and you would not drive at all period, these people running around here killing people and hurting people because they want to drink and drive is absolutely absurd, when are we going to get it and change our laws? Just how many innocent Lives have to be taken and or destroyed before Wisconsin State keeps these DRUNKS behind bars, no bail, no nothing, Go To Prison and give all you have and ever will have to the innocent people you have devastated. If you did have Insurance, it will not pay as you were committing a crime by drunk driving! I DON'T EVEN SEE HOW AN ATTORNEY COULD EVER DEFEND THIS SOCIAL PARASITE, SHAME ON HIM FOR DOING SO!!!
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