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Illinois governor's visits to Wisconsin spurs criticism

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, the opposition to stay at home orders is getting more political and at times, personal. 

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is taking a lot of heat for the revelation that he and his family members have spent some time on their horse farm in Racine, Wisconsin. 

"I will just say that we have a working farm. They're there now," said Gov. Pritzker.

Some critics say that violates Pritzker's stay at home order for Illinois. He argued there are animals on the Wisconsin farm and they require care. 

Pritzker, who is a Democrat, also suggested the coverage of his family's whereabouts is politically motivated. 

"And I would hope that the GOP, the super PAC that's pushing stories like this about my family would stop doing it, because they are putting my family and my children in danger," said Pritzker. 

Those comments from Gov. Pritzker were made Friday, May 15, and since then, a spokesperson for his office said that while Pritzker and his family have visited the farm, they have not stayed there. 

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BTRAIN 3 days ago
"Liked Pete's response" total POS. PUCK FRIZTKER and his "endangered family" because the truth is too real. What a dingbat. I'm sure HE takes care of the animals they need to visit out of necessity (his physique is contrary to that). I feel sorry for any horse he would try to ride....maybe he owns Budweiser clydesdales. Those are the only ones that could support his fat, corrupt, lying ASS.
Pete 4 days ago
Guess which fat-ass, piece-of-shit, crook governor was hosting a big Memorial day party at a restaurant/bar in Lake Geneva yesterday?
Dacnofish 5 days ago
First we were told by the media that his wife and child were in Florida during the lockdown and not in Illinois. Well the Governor is telling us that his family left before the stay at home order. This seems a bit suspect to me since his daughter is school age. If they left before the lock down order, why was she not in school? It does not seem to me that they left before the order, I suspect once again the hypocrisy of our politicians that they left after the order.
Now we're told she is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin since returning from Florida. What I just cannot comprehend is why our Governor thinks voters are idiots. He stated “that the animals in Lake Geneva needed to be fed and that is why his family is there. Really who fed them when your family was in Florida? Who feeds them when your family is not in Lake Geneva? Governor Pritzker really does not have faith in the intelligence of the people of Illinois when he makes these off the cuff comments. If you lie to me I will not forgive that lie. So what other lies has our Governor told us????
I bet our Governor is in Lake Geneva for Memorial day as the rest of us follow the rules and shelter in place.
Ruth 10 days ago
Yeah, I'm Mary is shoveling out the stalls!🐴🤣
Rommel 10 days ago
How about the Illannoyans who came to Lake Geneva in droves. How about the Illanoyans about to invade northern Wisconsin this weekend.
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