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Icy roads, high winds cause headaches for drivers throughout the area

NOW: Icy roads, high winds cause headaches for drivers throughout the area


If you took a walk or drive in the greater Milwaukee area Saturday, chances are you were probably slipping and sliding.

Authorities in multiple departments, including Waukesha and Milwaukee police, responded to fender benders and other incidents caused by ice and slippery conditions.

The slick roadways even caused a salt truck to crash and flip over near Mill Road and 114th. Public Works said the driver had to be taken to the hospital, and it's serving as a warning for other drivers.

"I woke up to a sheet of ice on my driveway," said Stephen Byrne from Waukesha. "I do recommend going slow and taking your time and if you don't have to travel not to."

Mitchell international airport also reported a handful of cancellations this afternoon.

It's been a while since Wisconsin drivers have seen these conditions.

"I think we haven't had any snow since like the second week in November," Byrne said.

And it's not just ice that is impacting people in the area but also heavy winds. The Coast Guard is reminding communities up and down Lake Michigan to be aware of dangerous weather conditions. The agency is calling it a perfect storm: freezing temps, strong currents and high winds.

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Philip 145 days ago
Silverspring & Pilgrim was a skating ring on Sat morning around 6AM. I watched in horror as cars & trucks slid through the red lights. Folks were trying to get to work & were driving 40-50 MPH when they realized they were on glare ice. Lots of fun. I also watched a salt truck do about 3 donuts before slamming into a car that had already spun out. Didn't look like nobody got hurt there. That happened on Silverspring & Executive Drive where the traffic lights for Silverspring kept changing to red, causing folks to slam on brakes & slide down the hill. We-eeeeeeeeee. Folks have to pay attention to what's going on around them. If it's 27* out & raining, it is going to be icy. It don't take a weather specialist to figure that one out. By the way, I also witnessed about 7 cars get tickets for going around cop cars that were blocking traffic on Silverspring. When you come up to a cop car blocking a road, it does not mean to just go around him & continue your journey. Funny part of that is those folks had to sit & wait for their tickets while the cops were helping the other spun out cars get going on their way. Some of those people were really pissed off about that. Oh-ooo Well. Nice move Smokey. Gives them a little time to sit & think about what they just did.
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