"I was nervous, speechless:" Mother meets recipient families of son's organs

NOW: “I was nervous, speechless:“ Mother meets recipient families of son’s organs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It was an emotional meeting for Inica Nichols at Children's Hospital on Tuesday. 

"It was good, it was overwhelming. I was nervous, speechless," Inica said.

Inica's son's heart, liver, and kidneys were all donated to children and teenagers. Some of those grateful families were at the hospital for the transplant anniversary. 

Inica still feels the pain of her son's loss and she says she had a little help when it came time to decide on what to do with his organs.

"I let my kids make the decision and I went right with them so they made a great decision," Inica said.

'From that day, it was sort of, whatever timeline she wanted to follow, we were willing to follow. But we always thought about her, we think about her son each day obviously so it was pretty magical to almost be at our two-year transplant and finally be meeting her," said Kerri Evensen, whose son received a donated liver.

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