"I was going in for the kill:" Waukesha County teenager charged after attempting to strangle mother

WAUKESHA COUNTY Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 15-year-old is now charged with Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide, Strangulation and Suffocation, and Misdemeanor Battery after attempting to strangle his mother over an argument about his weight.

According to the criminal complaint, deputies responded to a home on Eagle Terrace in the Town of Eagle for a report of a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, officers heard a woman screaming and observed a man, known from prior police contacts as Andrew Romagna, holding the woman down by her neck. An officer ordered Andrew to let go and move away with his hands in the air. Romagna followed commands and was ultimately taken into custody without incident.

An officer checked on the woman, identified as Romagna's mother. She had visible strangulation marks on her throat, a swollen right eye, and a possible broken nose. She told police that her 12-year-old daughter was locked in her room.

The officer asked the woman what happened and she said that Andrew was upset about his weight and she was trying to make him happy by ordering him a pizza. While she was on the computer ordering, Andrew allegedly began punching her in the head and started to choke her.

An officer was standing by Romagna when he admitted without being questioned, "I wanted to kill her. Why is she not dead? I was choking her for so long. I was going in for the kill and was going to choke her out and couldn't choke her out and kill her because you came in."

An officer asked Romagna's mother what she thought provoked him to attack. She indicated that Andrew had lost approximately 80 pounds and she stated that she thinks he is too thin. Romagna admitted to police that he was mad that his parents had been forcing him to lose too much weight.

Romagna's 12-year-old sister was uninjured in the incident.

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