'I was concerned for me and my daughter's lives:' Father shares story after armed road rage incident

NOW: ’I was concerned for me and my daughter’s lives:’ Father shares story after armed road rage incident

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A father who had a gun pointed at him and his baby daughter during a road rage incident is sharing his frightening story.

The man, who wanted to stay anonymous, was driving near 35th and Capitol last week when he says a driver pulled up alongside him yelling with a gun pointed.

“It could’ve got real ugly out there,” the man said. “It was a real scary situation…I was concerned for me and my daughter’s lives.”

Police say the driver who pulled the gun was Mickey Johnson.

Johnson has been arrested and is charged with two felony counts of possession of a firearm by a felon.

A search warrant on Johnson’s home turned up three guns, including two of them in his children’s bedroom.

“People like that don’t need to be out on the streets,” the father said. “You’re a menace to society, a danger to everybody. You have guns in your kids’ room. Your kid could’ve got the gun and shot himself or shot anybody.”

The father played a significant role in Johnson’s arrest; he called in Johnson’s license plate number to the police and positively identified him from a photo lineup.

This has been a violent summer of road rage incidents.

On July 13, three-year-old Brooklyn Harris was killed in a road rage shooting.

“We should all be upset when someone loses their life because of something so senseless such as a vehicle accident or someone being cut off in traffic,” said Milwaukee Police Department’s Sgt. Sheronda Grant at the time.

Later in July, a five-year-old girl was shot in the leg during a separate case of road rage. 

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