'I wanted to kill them:' Man accused for trying to run down security guards outside Milwaukee bar

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A Milwaukee man is accused of driving a car up on a sidewalk in an attempt to injure security guards outside a bar in Walker’s Point.

Hermilo Hernandez-Barojas is charged with four counts of second degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon.

According to a criminal complaint, 26-year-old Hernandez-Barojas is a regular at La Carretta Vieja bar located near South 13th and Greenfield. Early Sunday, Nov. 24, investigators say Hernandez-Barojas got into a verbal altercation with another patron and was kicked out of the bar.

Hernandez-Barojas was very upset, according to the complaint, and threatened a security guard.

Hernandez-Barojas left the bar and officials say he continued to scream threats. Hernandez-Barojas reportedly yelled “let’s fight one on one” while ripping his shirt off.

Hernandez-Barojas then got into a Honda Accord, with his pregnant girlfriend in the passenger seat, and started driving toward the bar and guards. The criminal complaint says Hernandez-Barojas was speeding when he jumped a curb, drove onto the sidewalk between the bar and light pole directly toward three security guards. Authorities say Hernandez-Barojas did this twice, making the guards jump out of the way each time to avoid being hit.

According to the complaint, the second time Hernandez-Barojas jumped the curb to try and hit the guards, he ended up crashing into a parked minivan and another vehicle head-on.

Hernandez-Barojas then got out of the Accord and attempted to flee on foot. The security guards chased after him and apprehended him until police arrived.

Investigators say Hernandez-Barojas continued to yell in Spanish, “I know you’ll take me to jail,” “I don’t owe a single dollar to the United States,” “take these cuffs off so I can beat his [expletive],” and “I wanted to kill them.”

The complaint says Hernandez-Barojas continued to make threats while in the back of a police squad. He reportedly asked to be released because he needed ten minutes with the “fat and skinny guards to settle the score.”

Without being questioned, investigators say Hernandez-Barojas continued to say he was trying to run over the guards with his car as he was “humiliated by them.”

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