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"I’ve never seen anything like that before:" Family reacts after car fleeing from police crashes through their backyard

NOW: “I’ve never seen anything like that before:“ Family reacts after car fleeing from police crashes through their backyard


Two men are in custody after robbing a bank and leading police on a high-speed chase. The pursuit ended with the getaway car in the Milwaukee River.

CBS 58's Evan Kruegel talked with the homeowner where the car went in.

A peaceful morning near the Milwaukee River quickly changed for a Glendale family.

A car came flying through their backyard, fleeing from police. 

"My wife was actually working in the garden when the car came flying through. She looks up and sees this car coming at her, and runs around to the other side of the garage."

“I’ve never seen anything like that before."

That car, smashed through their porch, over a garden, and eventually into the river.

"The pursuit was terminated after the suspect's vehicle entered the river."

Police say both suspects were arrested a short time later, ending a pursuit that started nearly 5 miles away at a US Bank in Brown Deer.

Their final act was squeezing through a tiny walkway typically meant for foot traffic.

"If you took the plants out, you only have maybe 3 feet to work with."

Now, left with tire tracks and a torn-up garden, the family is keeping a positive outlook.

"It's repairable. Thankful that everybody was safe, and nobody got hurt."

Police say one of those suspects was hospitalized with unknown injuries. A nearby school was placed on lockdown but is expected to reopen Friday.

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