"I thought we were about to drown:" Multiple cars stall out in flooded underpasses on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: “I thought we were about to drown:“ Multiple cars stall out in flooded underpasses on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the rain on Monday, roughly a dozen vehicles stalled out in flooded underpasses on the north side of the city.

The water started rising around 4 p.m. with all of the heavy rainfall. The water now is slowly starting to recede and that means that drivers are returning to their vehicles.

Derek Watkins says they were trying to get to a doctor's appointment when they started floating on West Townsend Street. "Once we opened the door, water just came all through the car and I thought we were about to drown," said Watkins.

"I seen all the trucks and bus turning around the corner and stuff. I would have never came this way," said Karl Tompkin.

"I'm sure they would have blocked it off but it was so many emergency vehicles going in so many different directions, they just needed time to do so," said Michelle Walker.

Straight north, police officers turned rush hour traffic away at Capitol Drive as cars soaked in water roughly a foot and a half deep.

Ernest Williams helped to get his friend's Honda back running after flooding on West Burleigh Street. 

Watching drivers struggle, neighbors say three underpasses have flooded in the past and expect they'll flood again.

The people in cars say they wish that they'd been more cautious. 

Milwaukee Public Works Crews have been looking over the underpasses.

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