"I lost my best friend:" Family remembers man killed in fatal hit-and-run on Milwaukee's south side

NOW: “I lost my best friend:“ Family remembers man killed in fatal hit-and-run on Milwaukee’s south side

The family of the fatal hit and run victim from Milwaukee's south side is speaking out.

"I lost my best friend, I lost my father, my guardian, if anything ever got bad at least I knew I always had that one phone call I could make," said the victim's son.

One week ago, 62-year-old Israel Soto-Colon was hit by a car while crossing the street trying to pick up a student at a nearby school.

Police say the driver, 21-year-old Anthony Velazquez sped off. He tried telling police his car was stolen but investigators say video evidence proved otherwise.

"It hurts me to know that somebody would just continue to drive, the somebody would just knowingly make up a false excuse for my father's life," said the victim's son.

Funeral services for Soto-Colon are planned for tomorrow. 

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