"I just set my sister on fire" Man confesses to killing sister with Cerebral Palsy

NOW: “I just set my sister on fire“ Man confesses to killing sister with Cerebral Palsy

Nasif Hibbler has been charged with first degree intentional homicide after killing Shakira Hicks on June 3. Nasif turned himself in to police on June third and said, "I just set my sister on fire."

When officers arrived at the home Nasif told them to go to they could hear beeping from a smoke alarm and could smell something burning. Officers found the victim Shakira Hicks just inside the door to the house. She was badly burned and dead.

Shakira Hicks suffered from Cerebral Palsy and was unable to get in or out of her wheelchair without help. Investigators only found charred remains of the wheelchair.

Officials believe the fire was started with isopropyl alcohol that was set on fire with an open flame. The alcohol was dumped directly on Shakira and she was set on fire.

The suspect, Nasif Hibbler, told police he heard people's voices including family members, correctional officers and famous rappers. He said that those voices told him he better do something or they would kill him. 

Nasif told police he grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and squeezed it over his sister causing it to hit her in the head and face. Nasif said he then used a purple lighter to light Shakira on fire. After Shakira started screaming Nasif told police he got scared and ran out of the house and walked to the District #5 Police Station.

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